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Re: modernizing npx(4)

David Young <dyoung%pobox.com@localhost> writes:
> It is my understanding that since we do not support the 80386 any more,
> there is no need to support npx at irq 13, since every x86 processor
> since the 80486 is capable of reporting FP errors by using exception 16.
> Is it ok if I get rid of the vestiges of irq 13 handling, and move npx0
> from isa0 to mainbus0?  Let me know.

Along these lines, if we're no longer supporting x86 processors
without floating point units, do we really need autoconf machinery
here at all any longer? We could just assume the floating point unit
is there (perhaps minimally checking during startup if we want to be
ultra-correct about it) and initialize it during the usual processor
setup without needing to attach an extra device.

We could also get rid of our (minimal) userland floating point support
for non-x87 equipped processors, which would be nice.


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