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Re: Error Booting on HP620lx

On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 01:47:25PM +0100, Javi wrote:
> Ok, thanks for the kloader trick Christer, It worked from the miniroot
> just having the CF mounted, about the power management:
>  Have you / Could you try with "apm -z -d" or "apm -S -d"? What does it do?
> I've tried this with the miniroot but apm it is not included and if I
> try to grab it from base.tar.gz and copy it to the CF, it gives me a
> syntax error!???
> And about my trick to load the kernels with ramfs, I just want to
> remark that I have WinCE 2.0, so I'm using an old version of hpcboot
> becouse new versions are not being compiled for WinCE 2.0 anymore, so
> if you use WinCE 2.11 you probably can jump the step 2. If fact, I've
> realized that with kernel 3.0 I only need it when I try to boot the
> image gzipped, It just boots OK directly with the wd option when the
> image is uncompressed.
> (Christer, sorry for the duplicated message, I first send it to you
> instead to the list)

apm -S -d
produces a line that says
System will enter standby mode in a moment
and a kernel messages that says
hpcapm: set power state STANDBY
then the screen goes blank for less than a second
new kernel message
hpcapm: resume

and we appear to be back again as normal, except for my wifi that
is still powered down, which is why I type the output manually.

apm -z -d
produces a line that says
System will enter suspend mode in a moment
then the screen goes momentarily black and then it appears to lock
up completely.

I have been experimenting with MC16 (HP360LX), hpcboot200 and
miniroot (for another purpose). Using a gzipped kernel with a rootfs
inserted with mdsetimage, it boots with wd option selected. This
was a tiny kernel and a small rootfs (only 8MB memory), maybe that
has some kind of influence. However, the version of hpcboot I am
using is in fact the latest, to my knowledgde anyway. It is available
in uuencoded form at:


Christer O. Andersson

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