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Re: Error Booting on HP620lx

On Mon, Dec 26, 2005 at 08:21:44PM -0500, jazzman%exdomain.org@localhost wrote:
> Right on, it works! I got to the command prompt and tested that it was 
> recognized and what not. Good news on all fronts!
> So now I've got 2 questions, one of which I'm sure is REALLY stupid but 
> since I haven't played with BSD in a few years I hope you'll forgive me.
> 1) (stupid question) Now that i'm at the prompt how do I continue 
> installation? I couldn't find it in any of the docs but I'm sure I'm 
> missing the obvious

You have the install kernel with the miniroot up and running?

Normally you would use sysinst, and it would be auto launched. I
don't think it is included in the miniroot for hpcsh (by looking
at the filelist, I have never tried it). Look around for something
called inst something. I don't think this is an easy way of installing
though. You do need a working network adapter, and you probably
will need to nfs mount the distribution. You might also need a nfs
mounted swap. This is probably all manual work. It would be a lot
easier to mount the cf in a laptop (running NetBSD) and install it

> 2) since the power button doesn't work, is there a way to "suspend" the 
> machine once it's running bsd? The only thing I could get it to do was 
> "halt" and that eventually reset my hp620 to the "factory defaults" 
> setting where you hvae to configure the stylus, etc... Is there a way to 
> make it auto-restart bsd once you reboot the machine if you can't suspend 
> it?

No, there is no good way of suspending it, at least not deep enough
to save power to keep it alive for a longer period. It is possible
to have an auto exec of some kind on your cf, that launches hpcboot.
Google to find that, I think I have seen it both on hpcsh list and
on HP's site.  Hpcboot can be set to auto boot. Look around all
tabs for checkboxes to do that. You will probably boot with strange
date and an uncalibrated touchpad though. The lack of a good suspend
is really irritating, and the cold reset with calibration is
unbelievably boring.

Christer O. Andersson

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