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Re: Error Booting on HP620lx

Instructions to boot the kernel on the HP620lx (with 2.0 WinCE) using
the miniroot:

1)Grab the installation kernel from:
It already has the miniroot embedded on it.

2)Try to boot the image with hpcboot with the md option checked but
leave the file field blank, click on Boot, after a few moments it will
complain about the missing file. (Yes I know, this step seems
completly useless, but it is a necessary workaround in order to avoid
a bug that prevents these kernels from being correctly booted.)

3) Now check the wd option and click on boot again, It will boot and
at the end It will detect the miniroot, you can do really few thing
with this minimal filesystem. But you can for example partition the CF
card, and if you had some kind of recognized network adapter in the
PCMCIA you could *in theory* install the whole system without the need
of a CF reader.

Christer, a few questions for you. Does the new kernel support power
management on our machine? With the miniroot halt and reboot commands
freeze the machine, and the switch off key does nothing.

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