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Re: Some X questions


I have managed to build matchobox-1.7 / matchbox-window-manger / matchbox-panel 
/ matchbox-desktop but I cant seem to get matchbox-desktop going. The rest work 

You can build in the shared memory bits into the kernel from the look of it but 
I am not sure that the xphc will automatically pick these up and from what I 
can see there is no xf86config-style config file anywhere. Might try 
recompiling the kernel at some point and seeing if the shared memory stuff 

As for xdoom. I have compiled (with a little hacking of the Makefile) 
ftp://ftp.ggi-project.org/pub/packages/ggi/programs/games/doom.tar.bz2 as I was 
attempting to get libGGI working (which compiles fine but I get unresolved 
symbols when running a GGI app __udivsi3 (symnum = 73)) but in the end I 
settled for running the xdoom version that it can compile.

xdoom runs ok but the controls dont seem to work right in game, the menu is 
fine and I can change weapons in the game but I can't move with the standard 
keys and rebinding them in the .doomrc file doesnt seem to work as doom 
overrides the controls each time it runs.

Could be due to the keysyms being different? xev returns the keysyms for some 
keys are in the 65000 range? (cntl = 65007) and this appears to be the case for 
European and US/UK layout in HPCBOOT200.

Doubt any of this helps but its worth mentioning?


On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:18:47 +0000
lama <wrzymski%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> Hello !
> I've made some new packages from current pkgsrc on current 3.99.7
> Netbsd. You can find it on Torsten Harenberg site
> http://www.atlas.uni-wuppertal.de/~harenber/NetBSD-hpcsh/
>  This packages leads me to some X questions
> 1) I've made all matchbox environment from pkgsrc-wip but cannot lunch
> it. I'm not 100% sure but it might be Xhpc server problem with "no
> shared memory extension". Am I making something wrong or is it
> something with Xhpc or matchbox package ?
> 2) Xdoom works on 8bpp X servers only - I tried typical ways to change
> it but nothing works - again questions is: Am I making something wrong
> or is it impossible to change Xhpc for 8 bpp ?
> Soon Torsten should add new packages, this time more useful like:
> xpdf - works really good on 32MB jornada
> ratpoison - in my opinion the best wm for Jornada - something like
> screen for X, great for small screen, touch panel and limited jornada
> resources.
> best regards

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