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Kde 1 or 2 on NetBSd 5.x

Since I managed to get NetBSD running on my Workpad Z50, I'm now
working on adding in programs.  Compiling from source is not very
realistic on this machine, so I was planning to install NetBSD on
something faster & try to cross compile.

Couple of questions:

1.  Can I compile binaries for 5.x using a 6.x install?  or do I need
to use 5.x?

2.  If I can find older versions of programs, like KDE1 or KDE2, would
it be possible that they could be compiled for 5.x & ran?

3.  Since there are older versions of NetBSD available, & since I
probably won't have this machine connected to the internet much, would
an older, unsupported of NetBSD be any faster on this hardware?

4.  Does anyone know if there are older versions of software archived
for older versions of NetBSD?  If so, where?

I still have old copies of some Linux distros that I use on older
hardware, but these have programs with them, where as the NetBSD iso
files don't seem to have anything other than the basic install.  Does
anyone master a more full install of NetBSD that can be downloaded and

I'm guessing that the probably aren't that many precompiled binaries
for hpcmips versus i386 or x64 or powerpc.....


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