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Re: Help needed installing on a HP Jornada 728


avf%eldamar.org.uk@localhost said:
> I posted my method of installation a while back:
>   http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-hpcarm/2008/11/26/msg000055.html

That worked for me, thanks!

> The only part I'm not sure about is whether Linux will be able to
> loopback-mount miniroot.fs, but I suspect it's possible to make that
> work.  If not, you should be able to do it with a NetBSD live CD.

I managed to mount miniroot.fs ok after figuring out the magic "-o
ufstype=44bsd" required. The rest was mostly easy, just needed to figure
out the options for dnsmasq on the WRT54GL:


> I suspect what you might be missing is that you need to create a DOS
> partition table and put the BSD disklabel inside one of the partitions.
> You'll also want to have a small DOS partition (slice, in disklabel
> terminology) for the kernel and bootloader --- this will show up as
> something like partition i.

Yeah, I tried to do that but I don't entirely understand the relationship
between what's in the disklabel that disklabel(8) sees, what's in the MBR
partition table that fdisk(8) sees and how one affects the other.

The various HOWTOs on the net about installing on a Jornada didn't help
much either since they all include slightly different disklabel layouts.

Anyway, it's installing now. Thanks again!


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