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Re: Help needed installing on a HP Jornada 728


> Unfortunately it seems nigh on impossible to install NetBSD on a CF card
> for use with the Jornada if all you have around are Linux boxes :-(

I posted my method of installation a while back:


This way, you only need to make a DOS partition while the CF card is in
your Linux box, you don't need to worry about disklabels since you'll
create these when installing on the Jornada.

The only part I'm not sure about is whether Linux will be able to
loopback-mount miniroot.fs, but I suspect it's possible to make that
work.  If not, you should be able to do it with a NetBSD live CD.

> Tried using a vnd(4) device to create a CF card image but either I
> don't understand BSD disklabels well enough or there's something wonky
> with how they interact with vnd(4)

I suspect what you might be missing is that you need to create a DOS
partition table and put the BSD disklabel inside one of the partitions.
You'll also want to have a small DOS partition (slice, in disklabel
terminology) for the kernel and bootloader --- this will show up as
something like partition i.


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