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Installation on Jornada 720: summary


For reference, I'll post a summary of my method of installing NetBSD on
my Jornada 720.

You will need: CF card, card reader, 16-bit Ethernet PC card.

  - Partition your CF card using your card reader: 10MB DOS partition
    at the beginning and make the rest a NetBSD partition.
  - Format the DOS partition, place a kernel (netbsd-JORNADA720.gz) and
    hpcboot.exe on it.
  - Set up a boot server on your network for the Jornada to boot from.
    This will need to give the Jornada an IP via DHCP and point it to
    an NFS server from which it can mount /.
  - On the NFS server, vnconfig and mount miniroot.fs.  This will be the
    Jornada's /.
  - Put your CF card and Ethernet card in the Jornada, turn it on,
    start hpcboot.exe from the card, tell it to use NFS root.
  - Assuming I haven't missed anything in this list and you've done
    everything correctly, the Jornada should now boot into NetBSD and
    run sysinst.
  - If you don't know how to use sysinst, RTFM. :-)
  - Now reboot and tell hpcboot to mount / from wd, and you should have
    a working system.


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       geometry!''    -- Bart Simpson, ``Dead Putting Society''

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