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Re: Should kernfs, procfs, ptyfs, and tmpfs for /var/shm be present bydefault?

> I don't recall either the Raspberry Pi 3 installation or
> the HP 9000/433s installation asking me about these, so
> I think there’s some difference in the installation that's
> resulting in this not being set up on hp300. Or is this
> something that the administrator is expected to configure?

IIRC the default installer (i.e. sysinst) creates /kern and /proc
and adds them into fstab(5) by default:
    979 	/* Add /kern, /proc and /dev/pts to fstab and make mountpoint. */
    980 	scripting_fprintf(f, "kernfs\t\t/kern\tkernfs\trw\n");
    981 	scripting_fprintf(f, "ptyfs\t\t/dev/pts\tptyfs\trw\n");
    982 	scripting_fprintf(f, "procfs\t\t/proc\tprocfs\trw\n");
    983 	scripting_fprintf(f, "/dev/%s\t\t/cdrom\tcd9660\tro,noauto\n",
    984 	    get_default_cdrom());
    985 	scripting_fprintf(f, "%stmpfs\t\t/var/shm\ttmpfs\trw,-m1777,-sram%%25\n",
    986 	    tmpfs_on_var_shm() ? "" : "#");
    987 	make_target_dir("/kern");
    988 	make_target_dir("/proc");
    989 	make_target_dir("/dev/pts");
    990 	make_target_dir("/cdrom");
    991 	make_target_dir("/var/shm");
But I'm not sure if the sysinst add them on upgrade installation.

For Raspberry Pi, many users use installation images (without sysinst)
so it could have different settings, though.

> I can see it being up to the administrator whether /kern and
> /proc are set up, but not /dev/pts and /var/shm -- those seem
> like they'd be required for correct operation.

/dev/pts is also created by the sysinst, at least on new installation.
/var/shm seems created even on upgrade to NetBSD/i386 7.0, IIRC.

Izumi Tsutsui

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