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Should kernfs, procfs, ptyfs, and tmpfs for /var/shm be present by default?

I was trying to use tmux on console on my 9000/433s with HP98550A, and tmux would start and quit with no messages and nothing in logs. I had the same issue with startx: Color palette would shift, screen would blank, then I’d be dumped back to console with nothing obvious in the log describing what happened.

On a hunch, I looked at /etc/fstab on my Raspberry Pi 3 running NetSBD 8.0 and noticed it had entries for kernfs, procfs, and tmpfs:

    kernfs  /kern           kernfs  rw
    ptyfs   /dev/pts        ptyfs   rw
    procfs  /proc           procfs	rw
    tmpfs   /var/shm        tmpfs   rw,-m1777,-sram%25

After creating /kern and /proc, I added the entries to /etc/fstab and restarted, and now tmux and startx both succeed.

I don’t recall either the Raspberry Pi 3 installation or the HP 9000/433s installation asking me about these, so I think there’s some difference in the installation that’s resulting in this not being set up on hp300. Or is this something that the administrator is expected to configure?

I can see it being up to the administrator whether /kern and /proc are set up, but not /dev/pts and /var/shm -- those seem like they’d be required for correct operation.

  -- Chris
  -- whose system panic’d after starting X
  -- I just pressed the middle mouse button in the big black expanse of the root window

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