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Net booting an HP9000-300s?

Hi, folks!

As part of a house cleaning I dug out my stack of HP9000/[34]xx machines
out of the subcloset where they had languished for the last decade or
so.  Likely I will get rid of them (any takers?) but in the interim I'm
thinking of playing with them briefly.  I have 16 of them, and I'm
tossing about the notion of building the worlds slowest beowulf

Anyway, I'm curious about the state of the tech these days.  Specificly
I'm curious about netbooting, because I don't want to have to find and
install a working SCSI disk for all these machines.  I set up these
things to do netbooting about 10 years ago, but the state of technology
has moved on a ways since then.  The last mention I can find about
netbooting is that it was broken way back around 1.4.1, and it's unclear
if that was ever fixed.  See this thread:


Anyway, before I invest time into this "project", I'm curious if anyone
out there knows flat out whether or not these can network boot using a
recent stable build at all.



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