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Testers needed: Please boot a -current GENERIC kernel

I'm making some changes to the shared m68k pmap module, but I don't have any m68k systems to test it with. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could boot the following kernel:


...and let me know if everything is working OK. In addition to "normal" m68k machines, I'm particularly interested in making sure I didn't break the systems with the HP MMU / VAC (9000/320 and 9000/350).

For all you non-hp300 m68k users out there, if you can test on your particular machine, I can build a kernel on-demand as necessary. Please note that I have not yet merged my changes into the atari or amiga versions of the pmap yet, and I have not looked into making similar-in-spirit changes to the sun2/sun3/sun3x pmaps yet at all (the point of this is to be able to support a PMAP_NOCACHE flag in pmap_enter()).


-- thorpej

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