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Re: NetBSD 4.0 Restore CD for Cobalt

brian-list%comcast.net@localhost wrote:

> Is there a good way to put this on a working system without doing the  
> whole reinstall?

There is no automated way (yet), but you could try
the following procedure (untested):

1. prepare *.tgz binary sets for NetBSD/cobalt 4.0
   (see also README in restorecd.tar.gz)
2. rename your old kernel for recovery
 # mv /netbsd /netbsd.0
3. extract a new 4.0 kernel
 # cd / ; tar zxpf [path to prepared *.tgz files]/kern-GENERIC.tgz
4. reboot system and see how the new kernel works
5. if it seems to work fine, extract userland binary sets except etc.tgz
   (CAUTION: extracting etc.tgz will overwrite your local settings)
 # cd / ; tar zxpf [path to prepared *.tgz files]/base.tgz
 # cd / ; tar zxpf [path to prepared *.tgz files]/comp.tgz
 # cd / ; tar zxpf [path to prepared *.tgz files]/man.tgz
 # cd / ; tar zxpf [path to prepared *.tgz files]/misc.tgz
 (note don't forget to specify "p" otherwise you have permission trouble)
6. reboot and see how things go
7. update the native bootloader in your Linux partition (if you want)
 # gzip -9c /usr/mdec/boot > /tmp/boot.gz
 # cp /tmp/boot.gz [path to old boot.gz in your linux partition]
8. reboot again and see if it works
9. update and merge misc files in /etc by etcupdate(8)
   (see installed etcupdate(8) man page for details)

Of course it's reccomended to use serial console for trouble shooting.
Izumi Tsutsui

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