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Re: RPI02W wifi driver?

Dave Tyson <dtyson%anduin.org.uk@localhost> wrote:
> On  Wed, 3 May 2023 15:11:02 Jim Spath <jspath55%gmail.com@localhost>
> wrote:
>> I installed NetBSD 10 BETA on a Raspberry Pi 3B, which finds a wifi
>> driver (bwfm). This has been working fine for me with
>> dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant for 10+ days of testing,
>> Apr 14 19:18:43 arm64 dhcpcd[718]: bwfm0: soliciting a DHCP lease
>> But a Pi 02W with 10 BETA installed shows no sign of the bwfm 
>> configuration.
>> Is there a kernel that would include that driver if it is not in 
>> If I need to build my own, cross-compiling on a more powerful system
>> will be faster; any tips beyond "edit KERNEL file/make depend/make"?
>> Or, if only the Pi *0W* flavor wifi driver works, I'll get on those
>> supply waiting lists.
>> (I understand the native wifi module is *not* supported currently on
>> Pi4 flavors)
> I have been playing with the rpi zero 2 w on both NetBSD-10 and
> Current using the NetBSD 64bit arm7 base (The NetBD arm6 kernel
> doesn't seem work on this system, although the equivalent Linux
> version does).
> While I could get the i2c and spi interfaces working I never saw the
> bwfm wifi detected and so have to use a ral usb wifi dongle. 
> If I booted a 64 bit linux kernel then bwfm was detected and worked
> and I wondered if it was an issue with the NetBSD dtb (You have to use
> the NetBSDrpi 3b dtb as there is no specific NetBSD one for the rpi
> zero 2 w).
> Out of interest I copied the linux dtb onto the NetBSD sdcard and
> booted it up. This showed a btfm wifi instance, but it complained
> about a missing clock and wouldn't work. I am working to try and get
> around this problem by modifiying the rp1 3b dtb. I am wondering if
> the attachment point for the wifi interface is slightly different - it
> must plug into the sdmmc controller (and there are two of
> these). Sadly the schematics for either board are unobtainable so it
> may be trial and error.

The dts files in NetBSD are just a snapshot of the Linux ones, currently
from 5.15, we should import a newer snapshot then fix any driver breakage.

I have other boards that don't have NetBSD dts files but are supported
in Linux.

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