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Re: Pandaboard ES

The PANDABOARD kernel relies on firmware to program the base address of the GIC and local timers correctly in the CBAR cp15 register. Likely the reason that the GIC driver did not discover any valid sources:

[   1.0000000] armgic0 at armperiph0: Generic Interrupt Controller, 32 sources (0 valid)
[   1.0000000] armgic0: 1 Priorities, 0 SPIs, 0 PPIs, 0 SGIs

With 0 valid sources, the A9 timer interrupt (and all others!) will not be available.

[   1.0000000] pic_establish_intr: pic armgic irq 27 already present

This message is a bit misleading. "irq 27 already present" should really say "irq 27 is not available".

Is this related to FDT?

No, this kernel does not use FDT. If it did, it would not use CBAR to discover GIC and timers.

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