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Re: Quartz64

You can load a DT overlay from efiboot on NetBSD, even when booting in ACPI mode on Arm.

On Sat, 14 May 2022, Robert Swindells wrote:

I wrote:
What is the process for adding extra drivers to NetBSD for boards using
ACPI, do we need to get you to add definitions for them to the APCI
table in UEFI?

Or can devices be configured just using the device tree as well?

The changelog for UEFI states that passing the device tree to the kernel
was removed in a previous release as some operating systems attached the
device tree driver in preference to the acpi one.

Both NetBSD/amd64 and NetBSD/i386 manage to configure acpi devices as
well as non-acpi ones.

Can we copy whatever is done for amd64 and i386 in evbarm and put back
providing the device tree from UEFI?

Robert Swindells

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