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Re: Quartz64

Jared McNeill <jmcneill%invisible.ca@localhost> wrote:
>I didn't find a way to make UEFI and arm64.img coexist on the same media 
>since the Rockchip bootloader has very specific partition requirements. 
>You could probably manually assemble an image that contained both.

The UEFI firmware does still start up if there are also EFI and
netbsd-root partitions on the same SD or eMMC device.


>UEFI will load from either SD or eMMC. NetBSD can be on either USB 
>storage, PCIe attached SATA, or NVMe. Next UEFI release will add support 
>for booting from SD and eMMC.

Not much point putting the NetBSD bits on an eMMC device if the firmware
can't load them.

With NetBSD and EFI on an external USB disk containing a SATA SSD the
Quartz64 does boot.

Have you got any plans to get the builtin SATA controller to work?

I also asked whether there is a Reference Manual for the SoC. I'm not
asking you for a copy if there is one, just whether it exists or if we
need to look at the Linux sources.

Robert Swindells

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