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NanoPi R2S

Another board, another result.

I used a fresh card to check this system, and after a little fiddling
it works very well!

On the arm image there is an r2s dtb file, but I couldn't find any
sort of spl in the build directories, nor in the u-boot lists in
pkgsrc.  The wip one that I had used previously didn't build in the
brief attempt I made there, but I -did- have a copy from the build I
made on the previous install and once dding it over it booted fine.

It loved the dtb, and the second NIC works like a charm now!

Only issue with the final, booting, product is that the lights on the
NIC do nothing, no blinking for activity, nothing for the link even
with the OS saying its active and it functioning quite well..

In short, this one doesn't seem to boot without SPL, unlike a few of
the aarch boards, and we've nothing that I could find that offers it
in our src or pkgsrc to work like the other boards.


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