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Re: Raspberry 4 installation?

mlelstv%serpens.de@localhost (Michael van Elst) writes:

>I'll fetch arm64.img.gz from nycdn to see what is missing..

I followed instructions from the Wiki:

-> unpacked RPi4_UEFI_Firmware_v1.32.zip on sd card (I used the EFI
   partition from the arm64.img).

This alone already boots and presents some messages and a raspberry
before it tries to continue boot from the network.

-> put arm64.img on USB stick, plugged into RPI4 and restarted.

After complaining about netboot again, it started to boot NetBSD from USB stick.
It expanded the filesystem to the USB stick size and restarted.

Again it complained about failing netboot and then booted until reaching

The netboot is probably not the default, you can configure boot order
in the boot EEPROM under Raspbian.

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