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Re: Raspberry Pi 3B+ problems: no audio, no multimedia

wiz%NetBSD.org@localhost (Thomas Klausner) writes:

>> Maybe it uses a different output, check mixerctl outputs.select.

>Thanks, that was it. It seems it defaults to HDMI output, when I do
>	mixerctl -w outputs.select=headphones
>I hear sound from audioplay.

If a audio-capable HDMI device is detected, the firmware choses that
port. You can tell it to ignore HDMI audio in config.txt.

>> >2. ld0 throws a lot of errors
>> >ld0a: error writing fsbn 2214784 of 2214784-2214911 (ld0 bn 2411392; cn 1177 tn 28 sn 0), retrying
>> >The SD card came new with the Pi. Is it already dying?
>> Looks like it, but that's just the error ld(4) reports. Do you see
>> any errors from sdmmc(4) or sdhc(4) ?

>No, just ld0. What does that mean then?

Nothing specific, a kernel with SDMMC_DEBUG will tell more.

>> >3. omxplayer does not work
>> >(gdb) bt
>> >#0  0x7598be84 in _lwp_kill () from /usr/lib/libc.so.12
>> >#1  0x7598a9e4 in abort () from /usr/lib/libc.so.12
>> >#2  0x0c7c1320 in sig_handler (s=<optimized out>) at omxplayer.cpp:135
>> >#3  sig_handler (s=<optimized out>) at omxplayer.cpp:120
>> >#4  0x7598be8c in _lwp_kill () from /usr/lib/libc.so.12
>> >Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)
>> Did you try other media files?

>Yes. It sometimes plays for a bit, when I try to skip some seconds, it
>dies.  Next try on the same file works. A different file does not work
>at all (though it worked yesterday). Then the first file does not work
>any longer either. I guess it doesn't set up the hardware correctly.

>I saw that Raspberry OS does not support omxplayer any longer. Perhaps
>that's a sign.

That's more of a sign that people will use the drm driver. The code
omxplayer is based on, is 32bit-only and has limits on the RPI4.

>> >4. mpv does not work
>> >Also tried 9.0 binary package first, then built it myself.
>> >It segfaults before it plays anything. The backtrace is
>> Never tried with earmv7hf, but seems to work on aarch64.

>mpv even dumps core for me with the wav file. I guess, since omxplayer
>doesn't work anyway, I'll retry with aarch64.

mpv and other ffmpeg based software was never that stable, but I just
tried a few streams successfully. On Linux it would also support the
hardware decoders and even the H.264 encoder.

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