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re: armv5 userland broken

my first guess is this change:

2019-08-30  Bernd Edlinger  <bernd.edlinger%hotmail.de@localhost>

        * config/arm/arm.md (unaligned_loaddi,
        unaligned_storedi): New unspec insn patterns.
        * config/arm/neon.md (unaligned_storev8qi): Likewise.
        * config/arm/arm.c (gen_cpymem_ldrd_strd): Use unaligned_loaddi
        and unaligned_storedi for 4-byte aligned memory.
        (arm_block_set_aligned_vect): Use unaligned_storev8qi for
        4-byte aligned memory.

which is not in GCC 9.  the new gen_cpymem_ldrd_strd() seems to
not look at current_tune->prefer_ldrd_strd, which should be 0
for armv5.  or perhaps our default target is wrong for armv5 and
this tune value is set to 1.


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