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Re: NetBSD 9.2 installation on Psion 5MX

On Fri, 28 May 2021 at 21:30, wathoom%panj.ws@localhost <wathoom%panj.ws@localhost> wrote:
> Hi,
> unfortunately I couldn't find much info on it either.
> I found some guys from Japan managed to get it running but I couldn't get more details.
> Also there is "ario" bootloader for Psion5/mx and I was able to get linux running with it but not NetBSD.
> It was complaining on not being able to get init running. Didn't have time to dig more into it.
> Hope this helps put you in right direction.
> If you manage to get it running it would be nice if you could share more details.

If you can get to the point of complaining about not being able to
start init, then it should be possible to build a kernel with embedded
ramdisk to run for testing...


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