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Re: rust 1.51.0 for 32-bit earmv7hf/9.0

Havard Eidnes <he%NetBSD.org@localhost> writes:

> it turns out that rust version 1.51.0 can't be natively built on
> a true 32-bit earmv7hf system -- the build of rustc_middle blows
> up by exhausting the available data segment size.  There is hope
> that rust 1.52.0 is going to improve in this respect, but
> meanwhile I've built the 32-bit version in a 32-bit chroot on an
> aarch64 NetBSD system.

Thanks.  To me this is a clue that we are going to have to depart from
rust and rust-bin to also having a third rust-nbin or soemthing, to
install binaries that TNF peoople have  built, instead of
rustproject-built binaries in rust-bin.
But maybe I am off there.

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