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Re: PINE H64 MODEL B emac0 rgephy fail to autoconfigure

Hi ringo, thank you so much for your feedback!
I only got a reply from you, and still I cannot use emac0 on my PINE H64.

I think you can see emac0 by ifconfig according to your information.
For my case, emac0 is not attached as a network interface.

I also have NanoPi R1S, but it has an issue that USB-A vbus is not
enabled, I guess.
emac0 seems working, using arrmbsd's nanopi neo build, maybe (sorry I
don't remember it clearly)

Today I took time to check if connecting the cable could change any
situation, but it didn't
Also, I checked dhcp or tftp boot from u-boot, but u-boot prompt says
> => tftpboot
> No ethernet found.
> =>
> No ethernet found.
> => dhcp
> No ethernet found.

I guess I should check H64 and H64 model B HW differences, and should
modify dtb for H64 model B.

I'm not familiar with recent evbarm with fdt, so I'd like to know how
evbarm guys retrieve fdt info from linux and
feedback to netbsd.
Any site good to know this information?

In the meantime, I'm going to connect usb ethernet or wifi adaptor
with H64 model B.

Best regards,
Shoichi Miyake

2021年3月18日(木) 19:23 ringo roid <rin5roid%gmail.com@localhost>:
> (I resend this mail as previous one has gone somewhere.)
> Hi,
> On Sun, Mar 7, 2021 at 8:45 PM Shoichi Miyake <shoichi.miyake%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> >
> > Hi, allow me to ask PINE H64 status.
> >
> > Last week, I got a PINE H64 MODEL-B and tried the image from armbsd.org
> > - NetBSD-9-aarch64-202103041240Z-pine-h64
> > - NetBSD-HEAD-aarch64-202103042000Z-pine-h64
> >
> > Both images failed to attach emac0 as:
> > emac0 at simplebus1: EMAC
> > emac0: Ethernet address f2:00:26:dd:40:ef
> > emac0: interrupting on GIC irq 44
> > emac0: autoconfiguration error: no PHY found!
> >
> > According to wifi.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/allwinner, sun50i gbe seems to work.
> > Did anybody try H64 and check emac0 working?
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Shoichi Miyake
> FYI.
> I saw similar failure on my NanoPi NEO.
> The emac(4) on my NanoPi NEO fails to reset the chip with
> following debug dmesg when ifconfig it up.
> > [ 313.1986972] emac0: soft reset timed out
> This problem happens when it's connected to some particular hubs
> or the ethernet cable is not connected.
> Once this problem happens, the chip cannot communicate and finally
> the kernel panics. It looks like someone breaks memories.
> Comparing with OpenBSD's dev/fdt/if_dwxe.c, NetBSD's sunxi_emac.c does
> chip reset in sunxi_init_locked, not in sunxi_emac_attach.
> It means that init clears PHY (if necessary) and DMA configurations
> set up in attach.
> I'm *not sure* I do correct thing but it works by moving
> sunxi_emac_reset in sunxi_emac_init_locked to after
> sunxi_emac_setup_resources in sunxi_emac_attach.

三宅 正一
Shoichi Miyake

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