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PINE H64 MODEL B emac0 rgephy fail to autoconfigure

Hi, allow me to ask PINE H64 status.

Last week, I got a PINE H64 MODEL-B and tried the image from armbsd.org
- NetBSD-9-aarch64-202103041240Z-pine-h64
- NetBSD-HEAD-aarch64-202103042000Z-pine-h64

Both images failed to attach emac0 as:
emac0 at simplebus1: EMAC
emac0: Ethernet address f2:00:26:dd:40:ef
emac0: interrupting on GIC irq 44
emac0: autoconfiguration error: no PHY found!

According to wifi.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/allwinner, sun50i gbe seems to work.
Did anybody try H64 and check emac0 working?

Best regards,
Shoichi Miyake

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