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Re: Cortex-A9 boot problems with d-cache on Zynq

Lloyd Parkes <lloyd%must-have-coffee.gen.nz@localhost> wrote:
>I’ve got a few days off work, so I can spend a bit of time on helping
>get the Zynq support a bit more fleshed out. Given people’s interest in
>the Zynq, I’ve created a temporary repo on GitHub at
>https://github.com/lparkes/netbsd-ZYBO and once all the changes have
>been folded back into -current, I’ll delete the repo.

I don't really use GIT or GitHub.

>My goals are:
>        1) Document how to setup the Xilinx SDK and debugger for use
>        with the NetBSD kernel

I don't bother installing the Xilinx SDK, I just install Vivado by itself.

>        2) Document and/or implement in pkgsrc-wip the latest version of
>        u-boot with ZYBO support

I think the first thing to try is whether Nick's latest changes will
allow a NetBSD kernel + FDT blob to boot with an older copy of u-boot
by treating it as a Linux kernel.

>       3) Add support for FDT (and document how to convert to FDT?)

Will be trying a FDT kernel today.

Robert Swindells

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