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Re: clk_set_parent() by name ?

On Tue, 20 Mar 2018, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

But yeah, you can see them on the tcon nodes, named by the
"clock-output-names" property. It looks like those clocks use the "tcon-ch0"
xref as their parent, and are used by CH0. The "tcon-ch1" xref is used
directly by CH1.

Yes. tcon-ch0 is an example of the problem I'm talking about: to generate
the pixel clock we have to setup a multiplier and a divider; but the
multiplier is in the CCU (it's pll3/pll7) and the divider is in tcon.
In order to compute the best divider the tcon driver has to know what
the CCU can generate.

The code for the pixel clock would be part of the display driver. The parent of that clock is part the CCU. Maybe we need a clk_try_rate or something to help the pixel clock driver set the best parent rate.

In allwinner this is awin_tcon0_set_video(). It calls awin_tcon_set_pll(),
which will compute multiplier and divider, but in this case
awin_tcon_set_pll() won't use the divider itself: it stores it in
sc_clk_div, for use by awin_tcon0_set_video() later.

I don't know that I would use the allwinner code as a shining example of how to do this stuff :) There's a reason I started from scratch..

awin_tcon1_set_video() doens't have this issue; the divider is in the CCU.

hdmi also has the divider in its register, but in this case the pll is already
setup (by awin_tcon1_set_video()). Actually it retrives the
divider from tcon but it could recompute it locally.

How does the sunxi-ng driver solve this?


Somewhat related question, since you seem to be porting the existing driver over, are you DRM-ifying it in the process? We really need to go that way for dynamic output config (think xrandr) and to support the GPU in the future.

I started down this path late last year but lost steam/motiviation as it's the third time I've done a DE driver.. happy to see that you've picked this up!


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