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Re: clk_set_parent() by name ?

On Tue, 20 Mar 2018, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

but pushing driver-specific clock setup in the ccu also looks wrong
to me, and could appear as black magic.

It's not driver specific. The TCON needs a clock input at a certain frequency and requests it from the clk driver. The clk driver for that soc knows how to program the video PLL to supply a clock at that frequency.

It seems they have display-specific clock drivers (e.g.
So we'll probably have to do the same, instead of using the
PLL generic drivers.
This will also probably need an update of the clock interface (like
reference counts for enable/disable, "exclusive" clocks, maybe others).

Those are old clock drivers, you should look in drivers/clk/sunxi-ng for the new style bindings (which is all we support in NetBSD).

But yeah, you can see them on the tcon nodes, named by the "clock-output-names" property. It looks like those clocks use the "tcon-ch0" xref as their parent, and are used by CH0. The "tcon-ch1" xref is used directly by CH1.

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