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Raspberry Pi 2/3 install image


as the Raspberry Pi install image (rpi_inst.img.gz) does not work out
of the box on a Raspberry Pi 2/3, I decided to roll up my own.  With
my patch now an earmv6hf release build additionally creates an
rpi2_inst.img.gz that is basically identical to rpi_inst.img.gz, just
that it contains an RPI2_INSTALL kernel installed as /boot/kernel7.img
instad of the RPI_INSTALL kernel installed as /boot/kernel.img.  I
also patched sysinst to either install the kern-RPI set as
/boot/kernel.img or the kern-RPI2 set as /boot/kernel7.img, depending
on machdep.cpu_arch.

In addition to that I also create an earmv7hf rpi2_inst.img.gz.  Of
course there is no *real* benefit in using an earmv7hf kernel and
userland during the installation, for all practical purposes the only
real difference is that it defaults to downloading earmv7hf install
sets and you don't need to change that manually.

If anybody wants to try this out, I have attached a diff against HEAD
from just after Jared fixed Pi 1/2 by disabling sdhost there.  I have
successfully used this on a Pi 1 B+ V1.2 and on a Pi 3 (there both the
earmv6hf and earmv7hf builds).

I haven't opened a PR for this because I'm not sure if anybody besides
me finds this useful, and it does create a bit of extra bloat by
adding two (functionally) almost identical additional install images.


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