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Re: Problem with audio(4) on RPI3


The error is in the handling of /dev/sound as it carries over the settings 
from the previous open instance (frequency / precision / encoding) and when 
these settings are reapplied it is returning EINVAL.... I'm working on a 
solution right now.

In the meantime no need to reboot your Raspberry Pi just use /dev/audio 
instead as this device gets is parameters set to defaults on every open.

You can use /dev/audio even if /dev/sound can no longer be set or open.

Best regards,


On Sat, 5 Aug 2017 04:10:13 Brian Buhrow wrote:
> 	Hello.  I'm running NetBSD-8.0_BETA with sources cvs'd from 2017-08-04
> on an RPI3 machine and I'm having trouble using the audio(4) driver in
> conjunction with the ossaudio library.  The symptom is that after a reboot,
> the first time I use the audio device, actually /dev/sound0, all works as
> expected.  However, if I close the /dev/sound0 device and try to re-open
> it, I get an EINVAL returned from the open call.  The only way I know to
> fix the problem is to reboot the RPI3.  I don't know if this is a port
> specific issue, as I haven't tried these sources on other architectures
> yet.  What additional details should I provide to help resolve this issue?
> The most recent update changed sys/dev/audio.c to the following version:
> /*   $NetBSD: audio.c,v 1.357.2.4 2017/08/01 23:25:11 snj Exp $  */
> -thanks
> To reproduce, do the following:
> 1.  build mplayer for the RPII from the pkgsrc collection.  Make sure the
> OSSAudio option is selected.  It's enabled by default.
> 2.  Install mplayer on your RPI.
> 3.  Boot the RPI into NetBSD-8.0_BETA and stream some audio using mplayer.
> 4.  Quit mplayer and return to a shell.
> 5.  Try streaming more audio through mplayer.  Mplayer won't be able to
> open /dev/sound0 and so will fail, ultimately streaming audio to /dev/null.
> Anyone else run into this behavior?
> -thanks
> -Brian

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