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Problem with audio(4) on RPI3

	Hello.  I'm running NetBSD-8.0_BETA with sources cvs'd from 2017-08-04
on an RPI3 machine and I'm having trouble using the audio(4) driver in
conjunction with the ossaudio library.  The symptom is that after a reboot,
the first time I use the audio device, actually /dev/sound0, all works as
expected.  However, if I close the /dev/sound0 device and try to re-open
it, I get an EINVAL returned from the open call.  The only way I know to
fix the problem is to reboot the RPI3.  I don't know if this is a port
specific issue, as I haven't tried these sources on other architectures
yet.  What additional details should I provide to help resolve this issue?

The most recent update changed sys/dev/audio.c to the following version:
/*   $NetBSD: audio.c,v 1.357.2.4 2017/08/01 23:25:11 snj Exp $  */


To reproduce, do the following:

1.  build mplayer for the RPII from the pkgsrc collection.  Make sure the
OSSAudio option is selected.  It's enabled by default.

2.  Install mplayer on your RPI.

3.  Boot the RPI into NetBSD-8.0_BETA and stream some audio using mplayer.

4.  Quit mplayer and return to a shell.

5.  Try streaming more audio through mplayer.  Mplayer won't be able to
open /dev/sound0 and so will fail, ultimately streaming audio to /dev/null.

Anyone else run into this behavior?


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