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Re: Illegal instruction errors on RPI3 with NetBSD-8

	Hello Harold.  Thanks for pointing  me in the right direction.    I
now hav a working RPI3 with NetBSD-8.0_BETA, but I have some additional

If I build the source tree using:

./build.sh -N 2 -D /var/tmp/netbsd-rpi -O /usr/local/netbsd/obj-rpi -m evbarm -a earmv7hf -j 4 -U release

I get a working bild of userland sets, but I don't get  the rpi2.img file
in the img directory of the binary tree of the releasedir structure.

If I build using:

./build.sh -N 2 -D /var/tmp/netbsd-rpi -O /usr/local/netbsd/obj-rpi -m evbarm -a earmv6hf -j 4 -U release

I get the rpi2.img file, with a good kernel on it, but the userland
binaries give me the illegal instruction errors.

Is there a way to get the rpi2.img file with the earmv7hf builds?


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