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Heads up: new SD controller driver for Raspberry Pi in -current

Hi folks --

I've added a new driver for the Raspberry Pi's SD card controller to -current. The BCM283x family includes two SD card controllers; one is an Arasan SDHCI compliant controller (sdhc(4) driver) and another internal SD HOST controller (the new sdhost(4) driver).

Up until now, we have been using the SDHCI controller to drive the SD card slot. The SD HOST controller cannot do SDIO, so using it for the SD card slot will allow us to free up the SDHCI controller for use with the Wi-Fi chip on the Pi 3 and Zero W boards.

If you have any issues with the new driver, please report them to port-arm@. Removing the "sdhost" driver from your kernel will revert to the old behavior of using "sdhc" for SD cards.


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