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Re: ongoing vi issues ....

I did in fact try an xterm login & everything worked AOK, so I am out of the woods on that one, can work around it w/ xterm, still puzzling why rxvt doesn't work, it works (for me) w/ everything else, including accessing my lone linux server .... No biggie for now, just passing it along, it apparently didn't trigger any 'uh-oh's from anyone, so it is probably some obscure mis-i9nteraction .... Thanks :-) ....

FWIW, I may have a similar or related issue. I have NOT investigated in any great detail, but here's the general description of what I've seen:

1. I am initially logged in on my local amd64/7.99.9 machine, running
   xdm, fvwm2, and an Xterm session.

2. From within that Xterm session, I ssh to a amd64/XEN3_DOMU virtual
   machine runnign 6.1.5.

So far, everything works.

3. Now, I configure fvwm2 to "exec ssh -X $remote xterm"; this causes
   ssh to login to the remote (XEN) machine and start an Xterm whose
   output gets directed back through the -X forwarded $DISPLAY.

In this mode, there are some keystrokes that cause the connection to be abruptly terminated. The "Delete" key is 100% reliable in causing the disconnect.

FWIW .....

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