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Re: ongoing vi issues ....

In article <552D17BB.6030406%hiwaay.net@localhost>,
William A. Mahaffey III <wam%hiwaay.net@localhost> wrote:

>Apr 14 08:25:46 kabini1 kernel: pid 1517 (rxvt), uid 1110: exited on 
>signal 11
>Apr 14 08:26:22 kabini1 kernel: pid 2099 (rxvt), uid 1110: exited on 
>signal 11
>The last 2 lines are from the crashed session on the NetBSD box .... 
>This could well be some obscure case of incompatible interactions, 
>however it *is* a plague for me :-/ .... Need anything else, please ask. 
>TIA & have a good one ....

Yes, but the crash is on the FreeBSD side. Try using xterm instead of rxvt
or ask for help in the FreeBSD lists.


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