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Re: pkgsrc question ....

On 04/04/15 10:25, Greg Troxel wrote:
"William A. Mahaffey III" <wam%hiwaay.net@localhost> writes:

I pointed my browser to
ftp://ftp.NetBSD.org/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/evbarm/7.0/All, just
to poke around & see what was there, & got a 550 back .... This is
what the PKG_PATH env.variable is set to, is this correct ? TIA & keep
up the good work :-) ....


rpi # uname -a
NetBSD rpi 7.0_BETA NetBSD 7.0_BETA (RPI.201503272230Z) evbarm
rpi #
The basic issues are

   7 isn't really out, and there aren't necessarily bulk builds for it,
   even though they'd be useful.

   finding things, and having the symlinks be perfect, is occasionally
   not quite right.

Looking on the ftp server, I see in pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/evbarm

7.2G    5.1_2011Q3
7.7G    5.1_2012Q1
10G     6.0_2012Q4
8.2G    6.0_2013Q4
7.6G    6.0_2014Q1

none of which is 7, or wicked recent.   In general, what I do when not
finding what I'm looking for is to move up in the path to find a dir
that's there and then look around.

There is a notion of having a README file to point to builds that have
been done by non-developers or on machines that don't meet the security
guidelines for official packages.  If you have any pointers to such
builds let me know and I'd be happy to drop a README in the evbarm dir
on the ftp server.

I am looking to stay strictly std., not looking for outsider builds, I was just curious that the URL was configured, but seemed inactive. It's not much of a problem, just a bit surprising. I am keeping this little guy pretty basic & buttoned down. In fact, it already seems to have *everything* i need for its task of being my ntp/timed server, I was mostly just curious about what else might be there. Thanks :-).


	William A. Mahaffey III


	"The M1 Garand is without doubt the finest implement of war
	 ever devised by man."
                           -- Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

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