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Re: Using NetBSD-7 on a RPiB+

As my 1st (probably of many) pilot error, I was trying to add some stuff to the /etc/ntp.conf file using cat. Unfortunately I used '>' instead of '>>' & wiped out the rest of the default file :-/ .... Would anyone have a pointer/URL to the original, unmodified ntp.conf file for this configuration so I can begin anew configuring ntp :-) ? TIA & have a nice day.

If you don't care about the comments, here's everything in that file:

pidfile		/var/run/ntpd.pid
driftfile	/var/db/ntp.drift
logconfig	-syncstatus
tos		minsane 2
mdnstries	0
restrict default kod nopeer noquery
restrict ::1
server		0.netbsd.pool.ntp.org
server		1.netbsd.pool.ntp.org
server		2.netbsd.pool.ntp.org
server		3.netbsd.pool.ntp.org

Although your filesystem is almost certainly journaled, it'd be a good idea to boot in to single user mode and do an fsck -fy to be sure that your crash using vi isn't due to filesystem corruption. Do you get a traceback in your dmesg buffer when it happens?


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