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RPi/RPi2 clarification

I see on http://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/evbarm/raspberry_pi/ it says Raspberry Pi & Pi2 to be part of NetBSD-7. It also says to use earmv6hf for both boards. I notice a gzimg for rpi under nerbsd-7/.../earmv6hf/.../gzimgs/. Does that earmv6hf image support SMP, i.e. multi-core CPU, since RPi2 is a quad core ? I noticed farther down it says that needs work .... Does it work at all, or just single core ? TIA & keep up the good work.


	William A. Mahaffey III


	"The M1 Garand is without doubt the finest implement of war
	 ever devised by man."
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