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Re: Sound issues on RPi B+, Jun's latest image

Thank you Jared,

Will patch and recompile (do I have to recompile the kernel after applying your patches in src/sys/arch/arm/broadcom/, by the way?) and will let you now, but not before April as I'm now travelling for the rest of March.

For the /dev/mem issue, I'll familiarize myself with the gpio(4) interface, and will patch the code of the FM transmitter accordingly. Thanks!


On Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 12:57 AM, Jared McNeill <jmcneill%invisible.ca@localhost> wrote:
On Fri, 13 Mar 2015, Jun Ebihara wrote:

Issue 1:
By the way, let me add that it was impossible to control the volume level
from within mplayer (keys '9' and '0' are the default bindings for
reduced/increased volume). Simply no effect at all. How am I supposed to
control the sound volume?

I'm hoping that this commit will solve the volume control problem:


Can you try?

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