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Re: Sound issues on RPi B+, Jun's latest image

From: Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner <domelevo%gmail.com@localhost>
Subject: Re: Sound issues on RPi B+, Jun's latest image
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 12:15:16 +0200

> Okay, sorry guys, I reply to my own previous message to tell you that my
> "no sound out of the Pi" issue has been solved! I just had to add a
> "hdmi_ignore_edid_audio=1" line into a new (optional) /boot/config.txt
> file. And it redirects all the audio signals to the jack and not to the
> HDMI. Just what I wanted.

Thanx for your feedback.
In this weekend,I'm in AsiaBSDCon2015.
Room E has VGA Projector and I can omxplayer youtube image via VGA connector.
I'll check NetBSD BOF timeslot in this evening.

Issue 1:
> By the way, let me add that it was impossible to control the volume level
> from within mplayer (keys '9' and '0' are the default bindings for
> reduced/increased volume). Simply no effect at all. How am I supposed to
> control the sound volume?

Issue 2:
> But most importantly, the "unable to access /dev/mem", even from root,
> remains an issue. It is triggered by the instruction "open("/dev/mem",
> O_RDWR|O_SYNC)", I'm afraid it's not a specific ARM issue because on my
> Debian I get the same. On the RasperryPi I have the following:
> rpi# ls -alth /dev/mem
> crw-r-----  1 root  kmem  0, 0 Mar  8 18:50 /dev/mem
> and on my Debian:
> $ ls -alth /dev/mem
> crw------- 1 root root 1, 1 mars  12 11:11 /dev/mem
> What can we do about that?

Jun Ebihara at AsiaBSDCon2015

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