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Re: Exynos 4412 build failed kernel=ODROID-U3

On 01/16/15 10:21, d3vnull%unseen.is@localhost wrote:
Hi team,

Just to keep this thread alive, I haven't seen any related post on the
wiki. (http://wiki.netbsd.org/recentchanges/)

I do understand you're all busy. Maybe we could just have a quick draft
and guideline here.

If I then get to a point where it's working I will be happy to write the
process down on the wiki.

So far everything does compile successfully adding this -m
evbearmv7hf-el :

./build.sh -U -u -m evbearmv7hf-el kernel=ODROID-U

./build.sh -U -u -m evbearmv7hf-el release

Even though the name might be confusing I believe the image is then:

What's next? Do I have to apply u-boot at the beginning of the card?
(from here: ftp ftp://ftp.denx.de/pub/u-boot/u-boot-2014.10.tar.bz2) Is
there a specific formating of the sdcard before applying the image? For
those who made this boot successfully, please let us know briefly the
steps. That will be truly appreciated.

It's early days for exynos based boards. That is, more drivers need to be written to support peripherals
for them to be really useful.

For the boot process...



are useful references for the two boards that I know developers have.


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