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Re: Off topic: my Amiga is dying (or Adam's testimony ;))

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Adam Ciarcinski wrote:

> My Amiga is dying and that's the truth.  It started when I installed
> CyberVisionPPC.  I had to wait longer for the machine to "warm up", before
> I could actually start working.  Before it was ready, is got frozen, or
> the power LED flashed, altought I could go to the PPC boot menu (Esc key)
> and wait there, without any problems.

Is the connection between your PSU and the mainboard strong enough?
The CVPPC draws about 50 watts, assumming the rest of the system takes
25W, you end up at 75W, which means ~15A on the 5V line. For that, you
need a cable of 1.5mm diameter.

> Then it got worse and worse, but I didn't wait helplessly.  I have cleaned
> the machine up completely, cleaned the contacts with the spray, and
> recently put a stronger power suppply (200W, instead of 150W).

I have the same problem with my A1200, exactly because it draws more power
than I can feed through the .75mm diameter plugs at the rear. :-/


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