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Off topic: my Amiga is dying (or Adam's testimony ;))

Dear fellows,

Looks like I came to the point where I need your help, or more precisely,
your Amiga hardware experience.

My Amiga is dying and that's the truth.  It started when I installed
CyberVisionPPC.  I had to wait longer for the machine to "warm up", before
I could actually start working.  Before it was ready, is got frozen, or
the power LED flashed, altought I could go to the PPC boot menu (Esc key)
and wait there, without any problems.

Then it got worse and worse, but I didn't wait helplessly.  I have cleaned
the machine up completely, cleaned the contacts with the spray, and
recently put a stronger power suppply (200W, instead of 150W).

Anyway, today the computer doesn't start at all... usually.  Sometimes it
does, but hangs after a while, or PowerPC is not available, or it starts
only when I keep 68060 pressed.

If you have experienced something like this before, please HELP!

Thank you for your attention

        kind regards

                - Adam

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