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Re: making NEWPMAP the default for powerpc ports

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Chuck Silvers wrote:

> for anyone who hasn't been involved in this discussion yet, I'll give
> some background.  the initial goal of Matt Thomas's ppc pmap changes
> was to add support for large-memory systems, since the existing pmap
> had some limitations there.  after he got into that, he found various
> performance deficiencies and kinda went wild and ended up rewriting
> almost all of the code.  so that's where this thing came from.

This sounds great, but do we have an AmigaPPC version where we can use 
this in?

As far as I can see, there hasn't been anything new on the AmigaPPC side 
since 2001/07/11 when the page was updated just a tiny bit. As far as I 
can remeber, it has always claimed there would appear more details 
shortly. I hope it's note shortly as in 5 years.

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