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Starting PPP conection over modem.

Hi there...

OK... NetBSD is running on My A2000/040 and I have access to all 8MB of ram... 
now I am trying to establish a PPP connection.

I am following the process shown in the Networking FAQ from Huber Fuyer, but 
have the following problem:

1) I try to ifconfig ppp0, but am told it already exist.

2) I enter kermit, set the modem connection variables, and dial the PPP server.

3) I log in to the PPP server and start PPP mode.

4) at this point, the FAQ says to exit kermit, and start pppd, however, I am 
unable to exit kermit, and end up rebooting the machine....

Any help is appreciated.


Tank (SPM)                          Sean P. McNamara
Tank%PG.NET@localhost                   The Planet Group, Inc.
                                                Network Operations Center
Voice: (312) 772-8333
   Fax: (312) 772-9214

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