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Updated GENERIC kernel snapshot

ATTN:   especially 68060 board owners who used to have problems to boot the
        earlier snapshot

I just want to inform you that I've made available a GENERIC kernel
binary at 

theory.cs.uni-bonn.de   /pub/NetBSD/arch/amiga/snapshots/19960619int/netbsd.gz

I'll try to get it uploaded to ftp.netbsd.org, but right at the moment
network seems to be broken again.

Most important bug fixed, in comparison to the kernel binary in the
earlier 19960526int snapshot, used to prevent people with a real Amiga
(that is, not DraCo) _and_ a 68060 board _and_ some types of graphics
boards from booting --- the early console startup would call delay()
at a time the integer emulation wasn't installed, and delay() used to
always contain an inline assembler 64bit division.

        Ignatios Souvatzis

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