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Disabled Window Managers

Does anyone know what would cause 'TVWM' and 'CTWM' to stop functioning but
allow 'TWM' to work? After attempting to compile and install ImageMagick with
'xpm' on NetBSD 1.1 I my FVWM and CTWM window managers don't work. When
compiling the 'xpm' package it may have stepped on something. I've even
completely reinstalled all the X11R6 binaries, libs, includes, etc. and still
they won't work. The only remedy seems to be, wipe the drive and reinstall
NetBSD from scratch. Another funny thing that happened, which may or may not
be related, is that 'reboot', 'halt', and 'shutdown' no longer exit to the
Amiga. They all boot right back NetBSD. Any Ideas?


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