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Re: GVP Combo board, serial port, etc...

On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Michele Lucini wrote:

> Hi!

>I'm running NetBSD 1.1 on an A3000 & an A2000 equipped with a GVP Combo 
>board ('030, 22MHz).

>On the A3000 everything works very nicely, but not on the A2000.
>The two computers are connected together with a SLIP connection. Now, 
>the problem is that on the A2000 I keep getting a lot of silo overflows.

>Yes, I recompiled the kernel with the level_6_defer option, but it 
>doesn't help. I think that in some way the DMA access of the SCSI 
>controller on the GVP board should be disabled, or limited to smaller 
>blocks. I have the same serial problems even under AmyOS, I had to use a 
>patch to split the size of DMA transfers.

>Can anyone tell me what options should I add to my config file? Or even 
>better, it would be nice if somebody can e-mail me a config file that 
>generates a nicely working kernel for GVP boards.

Add "options "SERIBUF_SIZE=8192" " in your configuration file and recompile.


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