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Re: compiling kernel: does 'make depend' have its dependencies right?

On Jan 12,  7:20pm, Jim Shaffer wrote:
> I've noticed that whenever I try to recompile a kernel, no matter how
> small the option I change, I end up waiting half an hour while 'make depend'
> compiles a couple of screens full of files.  Is this really necessary, or
> is it just recompiling everything in sight?  When it comes down to the 
> actual 'make netbsd', it only recompiles files that were affected by my
> changes.

  If you are just changing source files, there shouldn't normally be any
reason to do a 'make depend' unless the changes affect any dependencies
(i.e. changing #include lines).  You should normally only need to run
'make depend' if you've reconfigured the kernel (but that may not be
enough in some cases...).

> Also, in one version I turned on Sun3 compatibility.  Later, in an
> effort to make a smaller kernel, I turned it off -- only to have ld
> complain about references to some missing module related to Sun3.
> Clearly, something is not right here.

  Kernel options in the config file aren't always reflected in the
dependencies generated by 'make depend'.  Many options change defines
which 'make depend' is not able to deal with.  The only way to handle
changes like this is to 'make clean' and rebuild all the kernel files.


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